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    Posted by Lorraine| August 2, 2017 |Reply

    I’m a frequent visitor to Sri Lanka so I planned our own two week itinerary and contacted Go Tours Lanka principal, Ruwan, to guide and drive us. He is a truly professional tour guide in every way, with an extensive knowledge of the history and stories of Sri Lanka and also the history of this Asian region and how events in ancient times impacted or influenced Sri Lankan history. His keen eyes and knowledge of birds and animals and their habits contributed greatly to our National Park visits and incidental encounters of animals along the way. Perhaps more important than that, he proved to be a most ethical, honest, and reliable person whose aim was always to ensure that we had the great holiday, as we wanted it. I highly recommend Ruwan and his tour guides to anyone – plus aged visitors as we were, young families, families with teenage people or couples. If you want to see less often visited places this is the go to tour company.

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